Gastronomy 20 março, 2019

The best places to eat francesinha in Porto

Francesinha, a typical dish from Porto, was created in the 1950s and deserves to be tested at least once in your life! In the city, you can find several delicious versions of the dish, among recipes with different types of meat, sauces, and even prepared in the wood-fired oven!

Check out below 5 places to eat francesinha in Porto:

Lado B

Denominated by its owners as “the best francesinha in the world”, the dish from Lado B is made with rib eye steak and a good amount of sauce. In addition, it is served with fries. To top it all, nothing better than a cold beer to match.


With a rustic and relaxed atmosphere with mosaics on the floor and dark woods, the Brewery Brasão is a must stop for anyone who wants to enjoy a good francesinha. The establishment has even created a special beer just to match the dish! Brasão and Sovina came together to create the perfect harmonization to make anyone become a big fan of the delicacy. The menu also features snacks, steaks, and seafood.

Café Santiago

One of the most famous francesinhas in the city! Café Santiago tries to apply its experience in a familiar and delicious way. While the father takes care of the meat and cuts the potatoes, the son cuts the bread and the wife manages everything. The secret of success? It’s to make fresh sauces every day, plus fetch fresh bread and meats too.


Unlike the other establishments, in the Locanda the francesinhas are made in a wood-fired oven. The story of the dish already explains how amazing it is: Locanda owner José Pinto spent two months testing different sauces, eating francesinhas day in and day out and visiting all francesinhas restaurants as possible!

When he was able to make the ideal sauce, the dish gained a secret: baking in the oven with a clay dish. Not convinced and after testing his recipe for a few more months, José created the ideal francesinha – which is worth trying.